I'm Logged In But Don't See My Fundraising Page?

If you are logged-in to Classy.org (login.classy.org) and can see your dashboard but can NOT see your fundraising page / team fundraising page connected to your account, you may have gotten your emails mixed up during registration.

In our registration form we have TWO places where you need to enter your email address (Competitor's Email and Buyer's Email). If two different email addresses are used, Classy.org profiles will be created for BOTH (if one doesn't exist already). However, the Fundraising Page will ONLY be connected to the Competitor's Email address. So if you are logged-in using the Buyer's Email, you will not see any record of a registration or fundraising page.

This is not something that can be fixed by a user. You will need to reach out to us for more guidance, which may result in you re-registering and ensuring that you use the SAME email address throughout the registration form. Please email us at fundraising@tapcancerout.org for assistance.

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