How does fundraising for the TCO Charity Golf Classic work?

The TCO Charity Golf Classic is designed to be a FUNDRAISING tournament. This means all foursomes are given the opportunity to fundraise to earn free entry into the tournament.

When registering, foursomes are given two ticket options:

  1. FUNDRAISING TICKET - This will allow the foursome to sign up at NO UP FRONT COST. By choosing this ticket the foursome acknowledges that they will be required to raise $800 or more on their fundraising page in order to compete in the event. If they do not reach $800 they can still compete, but will need to pay the difference on the morning of the event.
  2. PAID TICKET - This ticket type allows the foursome to sign up and pay their $800 tournament fee ($200 per person) up front. While a fundraising page is created for all foursomes including those who choose a Paid Ticket, the foursome will not be obligated to fundraise. They will, however, start with $800 credited to their fundraising page.

Foursome Teams will register all at once (you can put TBD in the fields for the player names if you do not yet know who all your teammates will be).

A single fundraising page will be created for each foursome. If you'd like to register multiple foursomes, you must register them separately.

The more the team fundraises, the more perks they earn including player packages (with mulligans and other advantages), TCO swag, golf gear and more!

If a team fundraising page fails to reach the $800 minimum by the day after the tournament, they will owe the difference when they check-in for the event. For example, if a team raises $750 on their team fundraising page, they will owe another $50 when they check-in. If no fundraising activity has occurred on the page, they will owe the full $800.

So the most it will cost is $200 per player. The least it will cost is $0!!

It is strongly suggested (and expected) that all four players on the team will share the fundraising page.

The day will include a full round of (scramble) golf with a shotgun start, lunch, dinner (with a raffle), and drinks.

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