How does Registration work?

Simply click on the REGISTER button to get started. After clicking, you’ll be greeted by this pop up window:

Registering as an individual:

This allows you to register without connecting to a fundraising team. You can always join or create a team at any time after registering, so if you’re unsure, choose this one.

Join a team:*

This allows you to register and join a fundraising team that’s already been created (by another teammate).

Create a team:*

This allows you to register and create a Fundraising Team that your page is automatically connected to and where your teammates can connect their individual fundraising pages as well. You do NOT have to connect to a Fundraising Team when registering.

*This has nothing to do with the team you represent while on the mats. That team name (which shows up in the brackets and on our scoreboards) is derived from what you type into the “Academy/Team” field while filling out the registration form. So if you don’t plan to fundraise, it’s not necessary to join or create a team (though you can if you want).

After you make your choice from the pop-up, you’ll be brought to our ticket options. Here, you can choose your ticket type. You can register multiple competitors at once.

Fundraising Competitor:

If you choose the FUNDRAISING Competitor ticket type you’ll be able to register at no cost, but you’ll (individually, as one single person) be committing to making a good faith effort at raising $250.* If you fail to meet the fundraising minimum, you’ll pay the entry fee when you arrive at the tournament. As soon as you complete your registration a fundraising page will be automatically set up for you and you’ll receive a series of emails that will walk you through how to customize your page as well as tips and tricks to make the most out of your fundraising efforts. All fundraising perks must be achieved individually, on a per person basis, on your individual fundraising page (NOT A TEAM PAGE). There are no Team Fundraising perks!!

*Our average fundraiser raises more than $400, so if you put in an effort to fundraise we’re confident you’ll exceed $250

Paid Competitor:

If you are not interested in fundraising and would simply like to pay an entry fee, you can choose the PAID Competitor ticket. Though you will be under no obligation to fundraise, a fundraising page will be created for you automatically. If you choose to try your hand at fundraising and exceed $250 raised, your entry fee will be refunded after the tournament.

Volunteer & Competitor:

This is reserved only for those who have notified Tap Cancer Out that they plan to volunteer at the tournament for the entire day and also plan on competing. Please do not choose this unless you have reached out to us in advance.

Once you’ve chosen your tickets, simply fill out the registration form and click NEXT when done.

*If you are registering yourself, please make sure to use the same email address in all “Email” fields throughout the process.

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