What happens if I don't have anyone in my division?

Often when the final competitor lists are published, many competitors are alone in their division. This is not unusual and most times we will NOT move a competitor until the day of the tournament. That's because with so many competitors missing weight and changing divisions for any number of reasons, we want to have as much information as possible before moving a competitor who is alone. So don't be surprised if you're alone in your division and you do not hear from us prior to the day of the tournament.

We will always do EVERYTHING we can to make sure we find at least one match/division for each competitor.

If, after exhausting every option and avenue, we can't find a competitor a safe match, we will refund the entry fee right there on the spot. If the competitor fundraised for free entry, they will be able to use that free entry at any future Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open tournament.

If a division has two people, we will NOT move those competitors into another division. They will have a best two-out-of-three bracket.

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