What are the Sub-Only Showcase rules?

The rules for all Tap Cancer Out Submission Only Showcase matches are as follows:

Competitors blue belt and up are allowed to apply to compete on a Submission-Only Showcase card (sorry white belts).

All matches are submission-only, meaning the competitor must submit their opponent within the time limit to win. No points will be counted. All matches will have a time limit. If the time in the round runs out, the match will be decided by a three-referee panel.

For the foreseeable future, all competitors must wear a shirt and/or rashguard (Gi and No-Gi).

Here's an overview of the rules from our head referee Sergio Pimentel. Please read the complete rules to familiarize yourself.

How Judged Matches are Decided:

If a match goes the full time without a submission, three referees (the main referee on-mat plus two referees who are on the side of the mat) will pick a winner by raising the corresponding colored flag (red or blue) for the competitor they believe won the fight.

As a submission-only match, submission attempts are very important. However, it is not as simply as adding up who attempted the most submissions. Fight domination, which includes takedowns, guard passes, and overall fight progression (moves that would score points in a typical match) are core determinants of who the victor of a fight is. If a match is close, submission attempts are a key tie-breaking factor, particularly when they are deep submissions that have a high threat of succeeding.

So for example, if Fighter A was stuck in two deep submissions for a majority of the fight, but happens to escape and pass the guard of Fighter B (and all other things created equal), that one guard pass will likely not be enough to win Fighter A the fight, since Fighter B controlled the fight more with her submission attempts, even though they weren't successful.

In another example, Fighter C may have been stuck in one or two short and/or low percentage submissions attempted by Fighter D, but Fighter C was able to take Fighter D down three times and pass his guard 4 times, so Fighter C will win the fight because they dominated it more, even though they were technically put into more submission attempts.

Time Limits:

  • Blue Belt: 6 minutes
  • Purple Belt: 7 minutes
  • Brown Belt: 8 minutes
  • Black Belt: 8 minutes

Specific Rules for Gi Matches:

  • Gi matches ¬†follow IBJJF rules (but with no points)
  • ALL BELTS will follow the IBJJF Black Belt rule guideline, meaning anything that is legal in an IBJJF Black Belt match is legal in a TCO Submission-Only Showcase Gi match (ex: Blue Belts can kneebar)
  • Slamming is NEVER legal at a TCO event and is grounds for disqualification

Specific Rules for No-Gi Matches

  • All submissions are legal at all belts in No-Gi, including inside and outside heel hooks, groin stretches, neck cranks, any kind of choke (Except for using the hand to close the wind pipe), any wrist, arm, or leg lock.
  • Knee reaping is LEGAL in No-Gi
  • Slamming is NEVER legal at a TCO event and is grounds for disqualification
  • You may not manipulate a digit on a hand or foot at any time
  • No use of the t-shirt and no holding of the shorts

Of course, we reserve the right to disqualify a competitor for reasons including (but not limited to) slapping, kicking, slamming, poking, biting, inappropriate grabbing, disrespectful language from a competitor OR coach to an opponent, referee, or TCO staff member, and anything else deemed unsportsmanlike.

Aug 10, 2020