What's the deadline for fundraising and/or fundraising perks?

We get a lot of questions about when fundraising actually "ends" and there are a few answers, so please read carefully.


Without getting too technical, your pages will stay active for quite a while after the tournament in case someone wants to donate but can't till next payday. You can be confident they'll be open for weeks, if not months. We actually leave them up until Classy.org shuts them off.


Even though your pages stay live for quite some time, at some point I have to make the call on our Top Four Fundraisers and our Top Fundraising Team awards. Now understand, there is no EXACT time. But the process is this: Around 10am, when it's time for announcements, Jon (our Executive Director) will make one final check of the fundraising page and note people's total funds raised at that moment, and the award winners are solidified. Any donations after the fact that may alter someone's place on the leaderboard are appreciated but will not affect the awards.


In the morning, we export a list of all fundraisers and the amount they've raised. Then we mark off which perk level they've reached. Of course, you may get a donation later in the day, or bring in donations with you that will change your total amount fundraised. That's no problem. Once you head over to the merch table to pick up your prizes, please show the volunteer your fundraising page (you can pull it up on your phone). If you manually brought donations, you can tell them the amount you brought (since your page won't reflect this amount).


Donors love to procrastinate, love to donate at the last second, and love to get you over your goal. But if you need that extra $50 for free entry in the morning and they don't plan to donate until Saturday evening, it's not going to help you. So we encourage fundraisers to tell their friends and family that the deadline to donate is midnight Friday night. Of course, if you read above, you'll know that that's not technically true.

You can bring any cash or check donations to the check-in table on the day of the tournament. Please give us a heads up if you think these donations put you over a certain perk threshold.

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