What happens if an event is cancelled?

There are times, whether in or out of our control, that an event must be cancelled and can not be rescheduled in the near future. Should that happen, these are the protocols:

All paid competitors will be refunded in full. This will happen automatically. They need not take action. If you registered more than 60 days prior to the cancellation date, we may reach out to you to determine alternate methods of payment as we will not be able to refund your credit card transaction due to the policies of our payment processor. Even if you plan to compete in a future TCO tournament, it is easier for us to refund you and have you re-register since we can't physically move a registration from one event to another on our platform.


  • Any physical perks you earn will of course be honored. We will reach out to you to coordinate receipt of the perks. If you don't hear from us within a week of cancellation, please email registration@tapcancerout.org or message us through our chat platform.
  • If you earned free entry to the tournament, that may be applied to any tournament in the future and that will never expire.
  • If you plan to re-register for a DIFFERENT Tap Cancer Out tournament IN THE SAME YEAR and would like to move your fundraising efforts to that tournament, please register for that tournament, let us know, and we’ll move your donations. You will then pick up your perks in person at that tournament.
  • If you want to hold your fundraising progress until next year's tournament, that's fine too. While we aren't going to physically move donations from one year to the next, please notify us when you register and we will put a manual donation on your page in whatever amount you had fundraised at the time of the event's cancellation. You will then pick up your perks in person at that tournament.
  • As per our policy, donations are made in good faith to support Tap Cancer Out and our beneficiary organizations and are independent of the outcome of any individual’s performance on the mat and will not be refunded due to an event being rescheduled or outright cancelled. We will continue to honor all fundraising perks earned regardless of whether or not a competitor will be joining us.
  • Donations CAN be moved from one fundraiser to another, but that fundraiser will forfeit any perks earned (as the other fundraiser will earn them due to the additional donations).

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