Spectator Tickets

  • Can spectator tickets be bought online or at the door?

    Spectator tickets are available online as well as at the door. Online tickets are NOT cheaper than tickets bought at the door. We do accept cash and credit card at the door.
  • Do Coaches have to purchase a Spectator Ticket?

    YES! All coaches are spectators, just like any other attendee, and will be required to pay for a spectator ticket. Only if a coach is the only adult accompanying a child will they be let in free, since each child competing is allowed one free parent/guardian.
  • Do Parents have to purchase a Spectator Ticket?

    We allow ONE parent (or guardian) PER COMPETING CHILD to enter for free. So if two parents arrive with two children who are BOTH competing, then both parents are free. If two parents arrive with only ONE child competing, then one parent will need to purchase a spectator ticket. As always, child...
  • Do children have to purchase a Spectator Ticket?

    Children 12 and under are free at all our tournaments, as well as active military.