Do you offer night-before weigh-ins?

At every tournament you MUST weigh-in. At some, but not all, events we may offer night-before weigh-ins. If you weigh-in the night before you do not need to weigh-in again.

Night-before weigh-ins are NOT offered at every event. If we do offer it, we may not publicly state it until a few days before the event. A good rule of thumb is to register for a weight class that you know you can make with day-of weigh-ins.

Night-before weigh-ins are always optional for our tournaments. We will always offer weigh-ins on the day of the tournament, closing them 90 minutes before your division is scheduled to start.

You do not need to weigh-in with your Gi and you will be provided a 1-pound allowance. If you do not make weight the night before you may try again on the day of the event.

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