When and where are weigh-ins?

Depending on the tournament, weigh-ins can be the day-of and the night-before. If we host night-before weigh-ins, those are always OPTIONAL. A competitor may ALWAYS weigh-in the day-of the tournament.

We will publish times the scales will open on the schedule. Once the scales open you may weigh-in. This may be anywhere from 1-6 hours before your division. You only need to weigh-in once. You do not need to weigh-in with your Gi and you will be afforded a 1-pound allowance.

You must arrive 90-minutes or more before your division is scheduled on the day of the tournament to check-in, regardless of whether or not you weighed in the night before. In other words, you will be subject to disqualification if you have not arrived and checked-in on the day of the tournament 90-minutes or more before your division is scheduled. If you decided to show up at 2:30pm because your division is scheduled at 3:00pm and you weighed-in the night before, you will likely have been disqualified. All competitors must be in attendance when we create the brackets, which is 1-2 hours before a division is scheduled. Those who are not are deleted from our bracketing software as a no-show.

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