Why aren't donations to my Facebook Fundraiser linking to my tournament fundraising page?

Please do NOT set up a Facebook Fundraiser on our behalf if you are fundraising for a tournament!

We urge fundraisers to only share the fundraising page that's automatically set up on our fundraising/registration platform. We have very little reporting from Facebook fundraisers and there's no easy way for me to identify who is a tournament fundraiser and for what tournament. And there's currently no connectivity between Facebook and our fundraising platform, so those donations won't show up.

Here's what I need you to do:

  • Let us know that you started a Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Please close the Facebook fundraiser ASAP.
  • Please send me the link to the fundraiser so I can ensure it was connected to our cause properly.

Once we can access your fundraiser and see that it's been closed, I can manually add the total raised to your page. Moving forward only share the URL to the fundraising page created for you upon registration. If you need any help finding it, please let me know!

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