Tournament Information & Details

  • Is the tournament Gi? No-Gi? Both?

    ALL our Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open tournaments are GI-ONLY. If you are a No-Gi competitor, we invite you to apply to compete in one of our Sub-Only Showcase events, as they offer both Gi and No-Gi matches -
  • What are your division formats? Single elimination? Round robin?

    Adult Divisions For Adult divisions, we generally use single-elimination. We do offer third-place matches, however we reserve the right to award double-bronze if the size of a tournament deems it necessary. When time allows, we may offer Round Robin to all competitors, including adults (kids ar...
  • Where can I see the brackets or competitor lists?

    BRACKETS: We never post the brackets. The reality of our charity BJJ tournament is that we never disqualify anyone (unless they show up AFTER their division has already launched). So when someone shows up and miss weight or realize they’ve registered for the wrong division (ahem :: parents) we h...
  • When is the schedule released?

    We release the schedule no later than the Thursday before the tournament (usually earlier). It's emailed to all competitors, posted in the Facebook Event page, and added to the tournament website. However, all our tournaments run in the same format, with kids starting the day at 9:00am (youngest...
  • Where can I find the your event schedule?

    All our upcoming tournaments are listed here: We typically publish our yearlong schedule by February of that year. Our January/February events open for registration in early November.