Where can I see the brackets or competitor lists?


We never post the brackets. The reality of our charity BJJ tournament is that we never disqualify anyone (unless they show up AFTER their division has already launched). So when someone shows up and miss weight or realize they’ve registered for the wrong division (ahem :: parents) we have to move them to the proper division. This disrupts not only the bracket they’re joining but the bracket they leave as well. If a competitor is left alone in their division because of this, which happens often, we have to move THEM too. Plus, people straight up don’t show up because we offer registration with no up front cost (our FUNDRAISER ticket option) so people use it as a loophole to register and then bail without letting us know.

So the brackets are always in flux and we can’t be 100% sure they’re accurate until moments before we launch it to a ring.

We never post the brackets publicly, online, in person, or anywhere.


We do, however, post competitor lists. These are created one week prior to the tournament and emailed directly to registered competitors as well as posted on the tournament’s Facebook Event Page (another reason to RSVP). They are NOT updated in real-time as new people registered. Because our fundraising platform (which is where our tournament website is hosted and all registration is handled) wasn’t tailored for BJJ, exporting and creating the competitor lists is a manual process. We literally export the competitors to Excel and have to manually sort them into divisions. For this reason, we update the competitor lists daily and email them to competitors daily as well.

The competitor lists are ONLY updated through the Thursday before the tournament, after the last day for changes has passed. After that they’re uploaded into our tournament management system (which is why all changes need to be made before then).

Apr 1, 2024

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